2020 Culinary Arts Summer Camp for High School Freshmen and Sophomores: DAY AND NIGHT

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Have fun and find your passion at our Culinary Arts Summer Camp...

Join us for a two-day adventure into the world of hospitality. We’ve created a hands-on program that will get you involved in culinary and pastry arts as you take a regional gastronomic tour of the United States, with “stops” in New Orleans, Chicago, Georgia, North Carolina, California, the Florida Keys, New Jersey, and, of course, our very own Philadelphia.

In just two days, you’ll gain a true understanding of what this rewarding field has to offer. You’ll also discover what makes Walnut Hill College exceptional: an approach to learning that focuses on YOU–the student.

July 13-14, 2020

Deadline to Register is July 1, 2020

Event highlights will include:

  • Two full days of cooking and pastry classes that are centered around American regional cuisine.
  • Experience one night in our dorms, fully chaperoned by Walnut Hill College staff.
  • Enjoy an evening “on the town” as we venture out for a dinner and game night!


Registration is for students graduating high school in 2022 and includes two days and one night in Walnut Hill College's dorms, on-campus classes, meals, food tastings, workshops, supplies, transportation to one off-campus tour, and one evening event.

**Don't want to stay overnight? Purchase our daytime only camp package here.**

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at (267) 295-2311 or