Ateco® Spectrum Food Coloring (Set of 6)

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From Easter eggs to colorful cookies, Spectrum's gel food colorings provide a wide range of decorative touches, with gorgeous colors and an enormous range of depth. Each color--black, blue, yellow, green, pink, and red--comes in a soft-sided plastic squeeze bottle that allows you to add a drop of color at a time to frostings and fillings. Paste colors are much more intense than more common liquid colors, and these will last through hundreds of fanciful cookies, providing stunning, professional-looking results. Ateco® Spectrum Food Color 6-Pack contains six 3/4 oz. certified soft gel paste food colors. Ateco® Food Coloring is formulated with the necessary dye concentration levels needed to achieve the most vibrant and brilliant food coloring available. Ateco® Food Coloring gel colors have a viscosity that offer the convenience of a pourable product, and makes it easy to duplicate shades. However, Ateco® gel food coloring will not break down buttercream or non-dairy icings like conventional liquids. Spectrum gel food colors will color bread dough, cookie dough, cake batter, whipped toppings and icings, buttercream icing, royal icing, rolled fondant, gum paste, marzipan, compound coating and white chocolate (with addition of Flo-Coat).


Product Highlights:

  • Contains Colors: Black, Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Red
  • 3/4 oz. Squeeze Bottles
  • Professional Strength
  • Made in the USA